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“Seventeen years ago and ten years before finishing work, Jill and I began our relationship with Melinda and Reid at Spectrum. In hindsight I wish we had started earlier while I was still earning! It has been character building and an extremely rewarding experience based on personal relationships with the team, frequent planning, nerve and trust.

Until we formed this close relationship, a career in the Navy would have had us owning our own home, with commutation forming the basis of a small superannuation fund, along with a modest pension for life. This not only seemed as good as it would get, but it also felt as though we had done enough. How wrong could we have been! Had we stayed on this track we would have been back at work now………….and not enjoying the good times.

From the very beginning, and while the income stream was still gurgling along, we began with property investment in a new property within a fast growing community. Spectrum looked after the build, and then the rental until we sold a few years later.
This has become the theme and strategic approach which has suited us over all these years, and continues today. We have also moved into self-managed superannuation with Spectrum’s financial planning associates Henderson Maxwell, and this now gives us more control over our growing nest-egg.

Melinda is the strategic planner who has guided us over some rough national and international economic times. You have the feeling she is right in there with you, doing the very best she personally can to ensure the best possible outcome. Reid is the finance guru who provides the mainstay pillar of support. Our own course is set, and our financial future is now many times stronger than it would have otherwise been. We try and spend up to six months of the year sailing……with the summer at home on the property. We are truly living the dream……….which until we met Spectrum………..was only a dream.”

Mike & Jill Donaldson

Ex RAN (Retired)

“I have worked closely with Spectrum for the last 10 years and have found them to be an exceptional company for providing complete financial assistance. They have always provided me sound advice on investment strategies, effectively balancing risk against practical financial outcomes. I have been particularly impressed with their ability to provide a complete service, linking financial strategies with practical assistance including setting up finance mechanisms, tax minimisation options and linking these with our family budget requirements. They have always been patient in laying out the options and demonstrating how the options are achievable. Spectrum has been a one-stop shop for us; once we have decided on a specific financial strategy they have then facilitated the process and the paperwork to make it all seem so easy.

If I have ever felt uneasy or sought further advice the team at Spectrum has always been prepared to re-explain an issue or provide me further advice. Recently, as I retired from the Army and moved my family overseas, I again relied on Spectrum to help me work through the superannuation management issues to minimise tax and to help me set up my family’s finances to meet the complexities of living overseas. Always pleasant to work with I can say that my financial situation is in good shape due to the involvement of the Spectrum team.”

Shayne Elder

AM Brigadier (Retired)

“I first met Melinda in 1996 when I walked into the Spectrum Office in Sydney to do my first Tax return. I had just joined the Navy and was fortunate enough to meet Melinda and the team where they were able to navigate out a financial plan for me.

Within 18 months I had saved enough for a deposit and purchased an off-the-plan 3br home in Burleigh Heads. Two years later, I paid the deposit on an off-the-plan 1br Unit on St Kilda Rd, Melbourne. After serving 7.5 years in the Navy, I decided to leave and go to Uni. With that I sold my 3Br home and with the proceeds from the sale was able to pay cash for a brand new car and pay for my wedding. The remaining money was then used to reduce my mortgage in Melbourne. With only $30k left to pay on the 1br Unit, my wife and I moved in to make it more convenient for me to study at Uni only a 10min tram ride away.

After I graduated, we moved back to NSW and re-rented my 1br Melbourne apartment out. Over the past few years, my Melbourne Investment has gained even more growth with recent capital growth peaking in Nov 2010. Under advice from Melinda and the team at Spectrum, I have since withdrawn equity out of Melbourne Investment and am in the proceeds of using it towards purchasing another Investment property, this time taking advantage of a Federal Government Initiative: The National Rental Affordability Scheme.

Spectrum’s advice has helped me to make more informed decisions whilst developing a strategic approach to investment opportunities. By building up my knowledge in wealth creation strategies, Spectrum has been able to provide expert financial direction into a proven strategy that has worked well for me. By negative gearing and leverage through property, I have been able to utilise equity in existing property to unleash further investments and opportunity.

If you want to enhance your portfolio, or even just begin, let Melinda and her team at Spectrum help you achieve your goals by translating their expert knowledge of wealth creation products into innovative investment opportunities that will deliver you a sound financial plan with most favourable results. It gives me pleasure to recommend Spectrum and I am confident that you will be most satisfied.”

James Petrovic

Ex RAN (Retired), BAppSc Geomatics (Hons 1st Class), Geospatial Scientist

“Just a quick email to say thank you very much to you and your team for excellent service throughout the whole process. A special mention to Lenise and Lucy who provided a fantastic flow of information and were prompt to answer any questions. I have purchased and built homes in the past and I can easily say that was the most relaxed / easy process by far. I cannot talk more highly of your company and I will continue to recommend you to anyone interested in investing.”


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